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Recruiting & Admissions

Handle applicant information, track prospect engagements, and manage recruitment campaigns.


Facilitate meaningful connections and generate valuable insights through data analysis.

Academic Operations

Maintain the integrity of academic records and support students through their academic journey.

Financial Aid

Provide equitable opportunities for students while also ensuring fiscal accountability.

Student Finance

Securely collect and disburse funds, and provide timely and accurate financial information.

Student Portal

Provide students with accessible digital tools for effective communication and engagement.

Student Records

Integrate with other systems to ensure seamless data flow and accuracy.

Career Services

Support students throughout their academic journey and ease their transition into the workforce.

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Workflow Automation

Implement no-code or low-code solutions that streamline operations, automate tasks like enrollment processing and financial aid administration. Thereby freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.
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evergreen policy

Evergreen Software

We are committed to continuous improvement of Student First by developing new features, advanced reporting, and compliance requirements at no extra charge to keep your institution ahead of the curve.
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ease of migration

Fast Time to Value/ROI

Student First employs a revolutionary project management approach using our Agile implementation method to onboard new customers in record time.
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